Posted on September 1, 2023

JxBrowser 7.35

This release has an issue that prevents binary extraction in folders that require elevated permissions. The issue is fixed in JxBrowser 7.36.

Chromium 116.0.5845.140

We upgraded Chromium to 116.0.5845.140.

The full list of changes since the last upgrade:

Early binaries extraction

By default, JxBrowser extracts Chromium binaries when the Engine is created. Now, developers can extract binaries earlier:

// Extract binaries to the specific directory.
// Extract binaries to the default directory.

// Five minutes later.
var engine = Engine.newInstance(OFF_SCREEN);

Read more in the binaries extraction guide.

Custom binaries delivery

Starting with JxBrowser 7.35, developers have the full control of delivering Chromium binaries to the environment.

This code shows how to customize the delivery of the binaries fully:

class CustomDelivery implements BinariesDelivery {

    void deliverTo(Path chromiumDir) {
        // Download binaries from the internet, shared drive, etc.
        // Copy ready-to-use binaries to `chromiumDir`.

// Use the default directory.
ChromiumBinaries.deliverToDefaultDirectory(new CustomDelivery());

// Or use an arbitrary directory.
ChromiumBinaries.deliverTo(chromiumDir, new CustomDelivery());

Read more in the binaries delivery guide.

Quality enhancements

  • Fixed issues in PDF printing.
  • Fixed runtime issues in SWT 3.124 and newer.
  • Fixed missing callback when downloading a PDF file.
  • Enabled overriding of AmbientAuthenticationInPrivateModesEnabled policy.

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