Major directions of JxBrowser development

In Next Release

  • Java 13

    Get ready for the official release of Java 13 coming in September 2019.

  • macOS 10.15

    Ensure that the library is compatible with the new macOS version coming this fall.

  • Widevine

    Support the Widevine plugin that allows displaying media content of the web services like Netflix or Amazon Prime that distribute DRM-protected media content.

In Development

  • SWT

    Provide a pure SWT control that allows embedding JxBrowser into the SWT desktop applications without using the SWT_AWT bridge.

  • ARM

    Support the ARM devices such as Raspberry Pi 3 with Linux.


  • OpenJDK 8 and 10

    Make JxBrowser compatible with different production ready distributions of OpenJDK 8 and higher such as Amazon Corretto and AdoptOpenJDK.

  • Printing API

    Allow programmatically printing a web page with the different print settings silently without displaying the Print Preview dialog.

  • In-process DevTools

    Add functionality that allows displaying Chromium DevTools without configuring the Remote Debugging Port.

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