• We follow Chromium schedule and start upgrading Chromium to the latest stable release as soon as it's available for download. Upgrade to a new Chromium version takes 3-4 weeks depending on the number of changes in the latest Chromium version.

  • Format of the video you are trying to play might not be supported by JxBrowser. Please check the list of supported video and audio formats.

  • See the appropriate section in system requirements.

  • At the moment JxBrowser does not support Java Platform Module System because it uses the internal APIs that are not exported from Java modules. Once we find alternatives and get rid of using the internal APIs, we will support Java Platform Module System.

  • JxBrowser provides the Swing, JavaFX, and SWT BrowserView components that can be embedded into a Java GUI application to display content of a web page. This component does not include the tabs and address bar with the back and forward buttons. Such controls are part of a standalone web browser application like Google Chrome.


    We decided not to provide such GUI controls and recommend that our customers develop their own tabs, address bar, etc. using the JxBrowser and appropriate UI toolkit API. It is because every Java GUI application provides its own requirements for the GUI look and feel, label texts, internationalization, button icons, etc. and providing our own controls based on our own GUI guidelines would not meet the requirements of the most Java applications.

  • The compressed Chromium binaries for each platform are located inside the following JAR files:

    • jxbrowser-win32-7.39.2.jar ~78.4MB
    • jxbrowser-win64-7.39.2.jar ~82.8MB
    • jxbrowser-mac-7.39.2.jar ~88.5MB
    • jxbrowser-mac-arm-7.39.2.jar ~78.1MB
    • jxbrowser-linux64-7.39.2.jar ~91.9MB
    • jxbrowser-linux64-arm-7.39.2.jar ~91.1MB

    The size of the compressed Chromium binaries is that big because the library integrates with the fully-functional Chromium engine. We left only the files required by Chromium. The size cannot be reduced anymore. We decided not to fork and exclude the internal Chromium modules for security reasons to keep you safe and secure online.


    We recommend that you distribute only the JAR files required for the target platform. You do not need to distribute the Chromium binaries for Windows, if your application will be used on Linux.