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In this section we describe what’s included into the Standard Support subscription, the Premium Support services we provide, our working hours, response time, and communication channels.

If you have a question regarding using JxBrowser, a technical issue, would like to request a feature, or just want to contact us, we’re ready to help.

All your support requests are processed by JxBrowser software engineers.

Our support hours are Monday – Friday, from 11:00 to 19:00 (UTC+02:00). Support is not available during public national holidays.

We reply to all new support requests within one business day. If you submit your request by 18:00 (our Local Standard Time) on a Friday, you will receive our reply by 18:00 of the following Monday if not before.

Standard support

Standard Support is a service that works as subscription.

When you acquire a one-year Standard Support subscription you will receive a personal account in JxBrowser help center, where you can submit your support requests and track their statuses.

In terms of Standard Support we support only the latest (mainstream) version. It means that all the fixes, improvements, new features, support of the new Java and operating system versions, and Chromium upgrades are implemented on top of the latest version only. We do not apply or backport the fixes and features on top of the previous versions.

The Standard Support subscription includes the services described below.

Product updates

During your active Standard Support subscription you can get and use all JxBrowser updates including patch, minor, and major versions for free.

This product version is incompatible with the license key.
You will see this error message if you try to use a new version of the product released after the expiration date of your active subscription. To use the new versions you can renew your subscription.

JxBrowser updates include:

  • new features;
  • fixes and improvements;
  • support of the new Java and operating system versions;
  • Chromium upgrades.

Help with the product use

Our support engineers will be in touch with you and consult on the use of the product, provide expert advice, answer all your questions regarding JxBrowser possibilities, and assist in troubleshooting different issues.

Ask a question

Assistance in troubleshooting

If you see an issue that happens only in a specific environment, and you cannot provide a minimal test application where it is reproducible, we are ready to assist in troubleshooting such issues.

We can analyze the logs, stack traces, crash dumps, thread dumps, set up a remote screen sharing session and try to figure out what’s going on. If possible, we will suggest some workarounds or figure out how to reproduce the issue on our side to debug the library and apply the fix.

We accept and fix only the issues we can reproduce. It is the only way we can create an automated test, apply the fix, and make sure that the fix solves the issue.

Request assistance

Considering feature requests

If you want JxBrowser to be extended with some new functions, you can send us a feature request. We will consider your feature request and let you know if we will proceed developing this functionality or not. If we decide not to proceed developing the feature we will explain why and suggest a workaround if it exists.

Request a feature

Preview builds

We will prepare a preview build personally for you as soon as we implement the feature or apply the fix. You won’t need to wail until the official release.

Premium services

If you need additional coverage of specifics of your project or business, in addition to the Standard Support subscription we can offer you Premium Services. You can request each service separately according to your needs.

Custom builds

Do you need a very specific custom feature which cannot be included into an official version? In terms of this service, you can request that we implement the feature on top of the latest official version and provide you with a custom build. We will work with you to better understand the feature you need, collect all the requirements, investigate and provide you with an estimate, implement the feature, prepare and deliver the custom build for you.

Priority feature development

If you don’t want to wait until the requested feature is implemented in one of the next versions, and you need it as soon as possible, you can use this service to increase the priority of the feature and get it sooner than the planned release date.

Video calls, remote sessions, chats

Use the extended communication channels to get in touch with our support engineers. If necessary we can arrange a video or phone call, set up a remote working session, or use chats for more effective communication. This service is used as an additional option to our Standard Support subscription or in a combination with other Premium Services.

Consulting and expert advice

If you have an idea of a new great product, or you want to extend functionality of your existing product by integrating JxBrowser and you don’t know how to do it right or how to solve your specific case. Our experts can assist and help you find the best solution, reduce your costs and manage risk.

On-site consulting

If there’s a necessity to be on your site to gather the details about your project and collect the requirements to provide you with expert advice from our engineers, then we are ready to provide you with on-site consulting all over the world.

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