Posted on June 12, 2023

What’s New

Chromium 114

We upgraded Chromium to 114.0.5735.110.

This update contains 16 security fixes and the fix for CVE-2023-3079.

Content Type for Upload Data

In this version, we added the possibility to override the content type when creating ByteData. For example:

ContentType contentType = ContentType.newBuilder("application/json")
ByteData data = ByteData.of("{}", contentType);

// This will override both the data and the Content-Type header.
network.set(BeforeSendUploadDataCallback.class, e -> Response.override(data));

LoadUrlParams params = LoadUrlParams.newBuilder("<url>")
// This will send a request with the content type specified in `data`.

Breaking changes

  • Removed the LoadUrlParamas::postData method that has been marked as deprecated. Use LoadUrlParams::uploadData instead.

Quality Enhancements

  • Added non-enumerable fields to JsObject::ownPropertyNames return value.
  • Display a warning when the license key is found in both the system property and the engine option.
  • Fixed a crash on starting the screen capturing on Jitsi.
  • Fixed a freeze on reloading the page when onBeforeUnload is set.
  • Fixed a deadlock in BeforeUnloadCallback.
  • Fixed unexpected OnChange events when using the keyboard on Linux.
  • Made creating JxBrowser temporary directories more reliable.
  • Fixed detecting the Windows version in Java 8.
  • Suppressed unwanted Chromium error dialogs.
  • Fixed a crash when printing on Windows.


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