Posted on June 15, 2022

In this version we upgraded Chromium to version 102.0.5005.115, extended our API, and made printing faster.

What’s New

Chromium 102.0.5005.115

Chromium has been upgraded to version 102.0.5005.115.

This Chromium version includes 7 security fixes.

Printing Speed-Up

We refactored the implementation of printing and made it faster.

SSL Certificate Verification

We extended VerifyCertificateCallback with human-friendly descriptions of the certificate verification errors.

network.set(VerifyCertificateCallback.class, (params) -> {
    // The results of the verification performed by default verifier.
    List<CertVerificationError> errors = params.verificationErrors();
    for (CertVerificationError error : errors) {
    return Response.defaultAction();

Quality Enhancements

  • Reduce the time between the moment the printing is initiated and PrintHtmlCallback/PrintPdfCallback is invoked.
  • Fix freezes when moving the JavaFX window on Windows.
  • Fix the issue when the browser view unexpectedly becomes visible in the hardware accelerated rendering mode on Windows.
  • Fix the black flickering on the first show in the hardware-accelerated rendering mode on Windows.


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