Posted on April 30, 2021

A new version is available for download. In this version the Chromium engine has been upgraded to version 90.

What’s New

Chromium 90

Chromium has been updated to version 90.0.4430.93.

This Chromium version includes several important security fixes, so we recommend that you upgrade to this version.


Right now to create an Engine instance we should use the following way:

Engine engine = Engine.newInstance(

Very often we don’t need to pass any options at all, so we decided to introduce an alternative more shorten way of creating Engine:

Engine engine = Engine.newInstance(HARDWARE_ACCELERATED);

Fixed issues

  • Crash when a text field on a web page lost focus with enabled spell checking functionality on Windows.
  • The IllegalStateException error when closing popup window on Windows in the hardware accelerated rendering mode in JavaFX.
  • The IllegalStateException: Failed to get native window handle error on Windows with OpenJFX 11.0.2 in the off-screen rendering mode when instantiating JavaFX BrowserView.
  • The IllegalStateException error when unloading a web page and closing Frame.
  • The absolute file path is shown instead of just a file name when programmatically selecting a file using the InputElement.file(String... filePaths) method.
  • Flaky JVM freeze after crash in the Main Chromium process.
  • Ghost Chromium processes remain after killing Java process when Chromium sandbox is disabled on Windows.
  • UserDataDirectoryAlreadyInUseException is not fired during a third attempt to create an Engine instance on Linux and macOS.
  • Wrong key code for the CLEAR key in PressKeyCallback on macOS with Swing.
  • Browser is automatically closed after disposing SWT BrowserView on Linux in the hardware accelerated rendering mode.


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