Posted on February 1, 2023

In this release, we update Chromium and introduce events for tracking media capturing.

This release has an issue that leads to a browser crash. The issue is fixed in JxBrowser 7.30.2.

What’s New

Chromium Update

We upgraded Chromium to 108.0.5359.215. This is an extended stable update.

Camera and Microphone Events

When a website uses a camera or microphone, Chromium shows the red dot on the tab. In this release, we add the programmatic “red dot”.

Use these events to detect when Chromium starts and stops capturing media:

browser.on(MediaStreamCaptureStarted.class, e -> {
    System.out.println("Started capturing " + e.mediaStreamType());

browser.on(MediaStreamCaptureStopped.class, e -> {
    System.out.println("Stopped capturing " + e.mediaStreamType());

Quality Enhancements

  • Extended the set of permissions with the “local fonts”.
  • Fixed incorrect JFXPanel embedding on macOS.
  • Fixed incorrect mouse coordinates during the WebRTC sharing session.
  • Fixed incorrect behavior when loading URL with ByteData.
  • Fixed a crash when launching JxBrowser in WebSwing.
  • Disabled internal Chromium traffic generated by autofill.
  • Fixed incorrect input forwarding in the off-screen rendering mode.
  • Fixed extra-long PDF loading on Linux.


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