JxBrowser and JavaFX WebView

Both JxBrowser and JavaFX WebView allow you to bring web technologies in your cross-platform Java desktop application to get the best of both worlds: the ubiquity of the web platform and the power of the Java platform.

Before choosing JxBrowser our clients sometimes ask us about the difference between JxBrowser and JavaFX WebView. In this article we will compare these solutions in terms of their architecture, rendering, support of the latest web standards including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and more.

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Updated System Requirements

In JxBrowser 7.20 we upgraded Chromium to version 94. Apart from being the first one in the Extended Stable channel, in this version the minimum system requirements have changed. Chromium 94 dropped support of some old Linux distributions and macOS versions.

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Windows 7 End of Support

Microsoft ended support of Windows 7 on January 14, 2020. What about JxBrowser? For how long JxBrowser will support Windows 7?

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Adobe Flash Support Has Been Removed

Adobe Flash support has been removed in JxBrowser 7.13 and higher.

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Old Maven Repository Has Been Closed

The old JxBrowser Maven repository at https://maven.teamdev.com is not available anymore.

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